Insurance Companies for HNW Individuals & Families

Navigating the complexities of insurance for high net worth individuals and families requires more than just picking off-the-shelf products. The stakes are higher, the assets are more complex and the need for tailored insurance solutions is paramount. This article explores some of the top companies providing specialized insurance services designed to meet the unique needs of affluent individuals and their families. Here, you’ll find an overview of providers known for their expertise, quality of service and comprehensive coverage options that cater specifically to the wealthy.

Why Specialized Insurance Providers?

High net worth individuals often possess a range of diverse and valuable assets, from luxury real estate and exotic cars to fine arts and private yachts. Standard insurance policies may not provide adequate coverage for such assets, making specialized insurance providers crucial. These companies not only offer higher coverage limits but also provide policies that address specific risks associated with luxury lifestyles.

Top Insurance Providers for High Net Worth Families


Chubb is renowned for its mastery in insuring high net worth individuals. With a reputation for superior customer service and claims handling, Chubb offers a breadth of products including homeowner’s insurance, automobile insurance and specialty coverage for art, jewelry and more.

AIG’s Private Client Select Insurance Services

AIG’s Private Client Select Insurance Services is tailored for affluent clients seeking personalized insurance solutions. Their offerings are extensive, covering high-end homes, private collections, yachts and even personal security services.


AXA XL caters to high net worth individuals with complex insurance needs. They are known for innovative products that cover everything from luxury properties and vehicles to liability coverage for personal and family security.

PURE Insurance

PURE stands for Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange and is a member-owned insurer that serves high net worth families with an array of coverage options including home, auto, jewelry, art and personal excess liability.


Allianz offers a variety of insurance products that can cater to high net worth individuals, including specialized private client services in some regions. They are known for their comprehensive approach to insurance, which includes property, liability and even specialty risk coverage.

Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial is predominantly known for its life insurance and annuities. While they primarily focus on financial planning and retirement solutions, their offerings can also benefit high net worth individuals looking for sophisticated life insurance and investment products.

Berkshire Hathaway

Through its subsidiaries like GEICO and General Re, Berkshire Hathaway provides a vast array of insurance services. They cater to high net worth individuals through their reinsurance and specialty insurance divisions, which offer extensive coverage options for substantial personal and commercial assets.


MetLife offers life, health and auto insurance, along with annuities. They serve high net worth individuals through MetLife Private Client Group, which provides customized property and casualty insurance products.

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. offers specialized risk management and insurance services tailored for high net worth clients. Their offerings include coverage for luxury properties, collector cars, fine art and more, ensuring comprehensive protection.

The Hartford

The Hartford offers a variety of insurance solutions for individuals and businesses, including a specialized program for high net worth clients called “Hartford Private Client.” This program provides comprehensive coverage and personalized asset protection.

Willis Towers Watson (WTW)

Willis Towers Watson (WTW) offers a wide range of risk management and insurance brokerage services. They cater to high net worth individuals with solutions that cover personal assets, liability and even kidnap and ransom situations.

Generali Group

Generali Group’s Global Private Insurance services are designed for high net worth individuals who require worldwide coverage for their assets. They offer bespoke insurance products tailored to the unique lifestyles and needs of their clients.

HUB International

HUB International offers bespoke insurance services for affluent clients, including comprehensive coverage for personal assets, travel and health. They specialize in creating tailored insurance programs that align with the unique lifestyles of their clients.


Vault is a relatively newer player, but quickly gaining reputation for catering exclusively to the affluent market. They offer insurance products for high-value homes, automobiles and collections, along with excess liability coverage.

Nationwide Private Client

Nationwide Private Client offers insurance products designed specifically for affluent individuals seeking superior protection for their homes, vehicles, collections and personal liability. They are known for their strong customer focus and personalized approach to insurance solutions.


Hiscox provides a variety of insurance products for high net worth individuals, including coverage for luxury properties, classic cars and personal liability. Hiscox is reputed for offering specialized policies that address the unique risks faced by the wealthy.

Ping An Insurance

Ping An Insurance is a giant in the Chinese insurance market and offers a wide range of services, including health, life and property insurance. They have specialized products that could appeal to wealthier clients, particularly in terms of health and life insurance.

Nippon Life

Based in Japan, Nippon Life primarily offers life insurance and associated investment products. Their services can be customized for high net worth individuals needing comprehensive life insurance solutions and wealth management.

China Life Insurance

As one of the largest state-owned insurers in China, China Life Insurance provides extensive life insurance coverage. They cater to affluent clients with tailored insurance solutions that align with the financial planning needs of wealthier families.

Known for its life insurance, pensions and investment management products, Legal & General offers services that are beneficial for high net worth individuals, particularly in the realm of estate planning and wealth protection.

Manulife Financial

Manulife provides a range of financial services including life insurance, wealth and asset management and banking products. They cater to high net worth clients through their private wealth and private banking services, offering tailored solutions for wealth protection and accumulation.

Berkley One

Berkley One specializes in providing customizable insurance solutions for affluent individuals. Their offerings include insurance for luxury homes, automobiles, fine arts and excess liability. Berkley One is known for its modern approach to traditional insurance, integrating innovative technologies for a streamlined customer experience.

Neptune Flood Insurance

For high net worth individuals living in flood-prone areas, Neptune Flood Insurance offers innovative and flexible flood insurance solutions. They utilize advanced technology to provide fast, easy and comprehensive flood coverage.


Alliant provides a range of insurance solutions tailored for affluent individuals. They focus on property and casualty insurance, offering policies that cover luxury homes, fine arts, vehicles, yachts and personal excess liability.

Oswald Companies

Oswald specializes in comprehensive insurance solutions for high net worth individuals, covering everything from real estate to personal and liability insurance. They are recognized for their personalized service and ability to handle complex insurance needs.

W. R. Berkley Corporation

W. R. Berkley Corporation provides a variety of insurance products tailored to the sophisticated needs of wealthy families and individuals. They offer coverage for high-value properties, casualty insurance and specialized liability insurance.


NFP offers a broad range of insurance solutions targeted at high net worth individuals, including personal risk management and bespoke insurance packages for unique asset protections, such as art collections, jewelry and rare collectibles.

McGriff Insurance Services

McGriff Insurance Services provides comprehensive coverage options for high net worth individuals, including property insurance, auto insurance and umbrella liability insurance. They are known for their detailed risk assessments and customized insurance solutions.

Clements Worldwide

Clements offers unique insurance solutions for expatriates and global organizations, including high net worth individuals living abroad. Their coverage includes international car insurance, property insurance and liability insurance that meets the specific needs of clients living outside their home countries.


CoverWallet provides an easy-to-use platform where high net worth individuals can manage various insurance policies. They offer personalized advice and access to multiple high-quality insurance products, making it simpler to find coverage that fits unique needs.


Lockton specializes in personal insurance solutions for high net worth individuals, offering services that include risk management and insurance coverage for luxury homes, fine arts, yachts and private aircraft.

Marsh Private Client Services

Marsh Private Client Services offers bespoke insurance solutions for affluent individuals and families. Their services are designed to protect high-value assets such as luxury homes, fine art collections and exotic cars, with a strong focus on comprehensive risk management.

SVB Private

SVB Private provides specialized insurance products that cater to the unique needs of high net worth individuals, including personal and commercial insurance solutions. They are known for their consultative approach and detailed attention to their clients’ needs.

Brown & Brown Insurance

Brown & Brown Insurance provides personalized insurance solutions for high net worth individuals, covering a wide range of needs from luxury homes and vehicles to private aviation and yacht insurance.


Kessler provides insurance advice and solutions specifically tailored for affluent clients. Their services include coverage for luxury homes, fine art and other valuable personal assets. They focus on delivering personalized service and expert advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What unique insurance needs do high net worth individuals and families have?

High net worth individuals (HNWIs) and families often require insurance that covers a wider range of assets and risks than typical policies offer. This includes high-value property insurance, extensive liability coverage and policies for unique assets like yachts, private jets and art collections. They may also need higher limits of coverage due to the increased value of their assets.

How do insurance companies tailor policies for high net worth families?

Insurance companies tailor policies for high net worth families by providing customized coverage options that match the specific needs and risks associated with their wealth. This can include bespoke policies for luxury items, dedicated risk management services and access to specialists who understand the nuances of insuring valuable and unique assets.

What should high net worth individuals (HNWIs) look for in an insurance company?

High net worth individuals should look for an insurance company that specializes in serving wealthy clients, with a reputation for discretion and high-quality service. It’s important to choose a provider that offers comprehensive coverage options, expert risk assessment and a straightforward claims process. Personalized customer service and responsiveness are also crucial.

Are there specific risks that high net worth insurance covers?

Yes, high net worth insurance can cover specific risks such as kidnapping and ransom, identity theft and cyber threats, in addition to more standard risks like property damage and personal liability. These policies are designed to protect not just physical assets but also personal safety and privacy.

How can high net worth families reduce their insurance premiums?

High net worth families can reduce their insurance premiums by demonstrating robust security measures, opting for higher deductibles and consolidating policies with one insurer. Regularly reviewing and adjusting their coverage to reflect current values and risks can also help in optimizing premiums.

What is the importance of confidentiality in insurance for high net worth individuals?

Confidentiality is extremely important in insurance for high net worth individuals as it protects their privacy and security. Insurers need to ensure that client information is handled discreetly to avoid exposing them to targeted threats or public scrutiny. Effective privacy protections are a key part of the service provided by insurers to wealthy clients.

How do high net worth individuals handle insurance for international assets?

High net worth individuals typically handle insurance for international assets by working with insurers who have a global presence and expertise in international law and practices. This ensures that coverage is effective across different jurisdictions and complies with local regulations, providing seamless protection for assets around the world.

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